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Rolando Palacios

Julia Wollrab

Gilles Aniorte Tomassian

Rolando has a background in physics and engineering. He has worked as a not-for-profit program director and fundraiser for over a decade. With a current passion for writing, and a BS and MS from DePaul University, Rolando is the President and Executive Director of Community Arts Exchange (CAE). He oversees financial operations, fund raising, and program management. He is also an accomplished guitarist.

Julia had a successful career in Europe, Canada, and the US as a professional dancer for over 20 years. She has also earned an AB from the University of Chicago in history, and currently works as a teacher and educator while earning her graduate degree in library and information science with a focus on archives. She is CAE Secretary and covers administrative duties, arts programming, and leads dance and improvisation workshops.

The heart and soul of CAE, Gilles was born in France in a multicultural home. He has been traveling the world as a music producer, songwriter, road manager, and multicultural projects ambassador.

He is currently CAE Treasurer and creative director.

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Dr. Martha M. Lopez Ramos

Martha is our Program Director in Mexico.

PhD in Political Sciences and Sociology from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Master Degree in Gender Studies from COLMEX (Colegio de Mexico), Bachelor Degree in Laws from UAZ (Zacatecas Autonomous University).

She's an experienced tutor for the Program of Public Policies and Gender for the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) in Mexico.

She's been a consultant for the past 10 years, designing programs for equity and actions to raise awareness and prevent violence against women.

For 15 years she's been a speaker on gender, public policies, prevention and resolution of violence against women issues for different municipalities and federal entities across Mexico.

She has been the director of Public Policies in the Special Investigations Department for Gender Violence and Human Trafficking / PGR (Procuraduria General de la Republica – Mexico Dept of Justice).

Her work experience is centered around access to justice and attention for victims of gender violence.

In the field of public policies her experience is focused on qualitative process of evaluation and implementation.

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