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The mission of the Community Arts Exchange is to enrich the lives of kids and teens by bringing arts education and programming to community locations where artists live and work. The exchange will combine studio and performance space to serve as a physical and social hub for the community. The primary audience is school-age children, but the community space will offer programming for adults as well.
CAE is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Community Arts Exchange NFP (CAE) is the fulfillment of years of individual efforts from its directors and associates to educate through the performing arts as a way to enhance community lives and broaden youth horizons with positive thinking and behavior. Our focus is performing arts education. Starting with programming that can be offered in the schools and through community organizations, CAE has established a base of support as well as experience working with youth by offering educational programs through the performing arts. 

CAE programs have been supported by funders such the City Department of Cultural Affairs and private philanthropic foundations.

With its selected pool of artists and educators, specialized in various artistic and academia disciplines, CAE has designed innovative ways to teach youth through the performing arts. 


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